Reviews-Yvette Whittington

Yvette Whittington


VGA Reviews
"This book is an excellent read for any woman that doubts herself and her lifeís journey or for anyone looking for a good book to read. I try and ad all Louisiana writers book and will say this one was one of my favorite."
Loel L.
A Must for young women !
"...this book helps you with your journey to perspective and prosperity. No one has to be a victim. You can be a survivor ! A must read for young adults and grown women ! Thank you to the author for being so candid."
"I loved reading the book.
It brought back memories from my own childhood.
It flowed really good.
It reminds you that everyone is fighting their own battle and we should always be kind to everyone and help out when we can."
Dancing Granny Review
"This may be a first book for the author, but her writing abilities became evident the more I read. Parts of it are intense and I had to stop reading momentarily, in order to digest what I had just read, then picked it up again. I know it will inspire others to make changes in their lives, for the better. Great job for a new author!"
Diane F. Perkins
The Toolbox...what a gift
"I thought about it when I woke up during the night and the next day, as well. It was sweetly profound. I encourage you to purchase this wonderful book. I know you will not be able to put it down once you start reading it."
Kindle Customer 
"I found myself unable to put it down and read it in one day! The story is so emotionally captivating you canít stop reading. I look forward to reading many more books by Yvette, new author with a bright future. Great job!!!!"
Amazon Customer
Touching and Powerful
"A story that draws the reader in and touches both highs and lows to keep the reader fully engaged for the entire length of the book. Highly recommend this touching story of Eve and the challenges she faces and the lessons she learns along the way. Well done, Yvette Whittington."
"First book Iíve read since I donít know when, not a big reader but this book was so good I couldnít put it down! Look forward to reading more of Yvetteís books- she is awesome. A must read!"
-Jessica, Goodreads Review